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“Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up

Pablo Picasso

About Us

updated 15 August 2012


This site is still under construction. Please bear with us. Thanks.

This site has been created by two art teachers at Somers Middle School in Westchester County, New York. We wanted a way to share the incredible range of work our student’s create throughout the year. Our students, parents, and the local community have had limited opportunities and times available to view student work. We hope that by creating this website, not only will the student’s work be seen now, but for hopefully, many years to come.

Our lessons involve everything from art history, math, complex problem solving situations, writing, and science to self-respect, respect for other cultures and individuals.

Thanks for visiting and seeing the student’s work!


Frequently Asked Questions: For Students & Parents

Hopefully, you have come to the website to see your child’s work because they told you about it. But we understand, it’s middle school!  So, no matter how, we are glad you are here. Below are some questions and concerns parents may have. Please contact us if the information below does not help you.

  1. Bullet No information regarding your child’s name is located/attached to the images in our galleries. While we would love to be able to have student names associated with each artwork, we feel, it is for everyone’s best interest, that no names shall be used.

  2. Bullet No images  of student artwork can be downloaded or linked in/posted from this website to/within another (ie: blogger, tumblr, Facebook, etc.). However, PARENTS/GUARDIANS please let us know if you would like a digital copy of your child’s work! We would be happy to provide you with any version we may have.

  3. BulletNo comments,  posts, or “likes” are able to made on our galleries.

  4. BulletWe hope to have artist statements about their work in the future.

How to contact us